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Business Bio

Creamy Confections was designed in May 2008 with a delicious idea: To make desserts as appealing to the eye, as they are to the palate. With a flair for culinary artistry and a taste for mouthwatering flavor, founder Malky Hoffman fused her talents to create confections that are both refreshing, and remarkably beautiful. Malky and her daughter Rivky jump-started their venture in a small kitchen in upstate NY. From an enjoyable pastime, it quickly burgeoned into a budding business as tasters got hooked on our sensational sweets. It began with family and friends, who generously contributed their opinions and recipes. In June 2008 the first order of our classic 2-tone ice cream log was proudly served at a doctors’ convention in a five-star hotel. Word quickly spread and orders began to pour in faster than the batter of our Chocolate Devil Cake. From fruity sorbets, to crunchy ice cream bon bons, to fun frozen cylinders, cubes and squares - Creamy Confections soon became the standard by which fine desserts are measured.

In January of 2010 we received our first phone call from a Brooklyn caterer whose customer had requested our desserts. Due to many subsequent requests, we then proceeded to present our full line of fine desserts to numerous caterers nationwide. At that point, we outgrew our home-base and moved our enterprise to a larger facility. Today, clients across the red, white and blue call Creamy Confections when they want to enhance their simcha with a delectable dessert experience. Our frozen delights have been featured in many luxury hotels including the Marriott, Hilton and Sheraton. Our customers keep coming back for more, as our desserts continue to exceed expectations. For superlative service with a personal touch, on-time delivery and custom décor to match any color or theme... there’s one name that’s become synonymous with perfection: Creamy Confections! We guarantee that our guest-tested favorites will make you savor every spoonful.

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